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New Member Experience

The Phi Program – This eight-week new member program enhances the Phi Mu Experience by helping new members transition into Fraternity membership.  The online component includes an orientation, expectations of membership and journal prompts which help our new members begin their lifetime involvement in Phi Mu.  The online modules in partnership with Phi meetings provide new members with the framework for personal, academic, social and professional growth.  

Being in Phi Mu will add a new dimension of excitement to your daughter's college experience. Phi Mu is more than just socials, date functions, and meetings. It is a system of bonding activities that builds character, leadership, sisterhood, responsibility, and ideals.

Our chapter will soon become her home away from home and a place where you know she will be safe. We have amazing alumnae nearby that enjoy making your daughters feel at home, while away at college.
As sisters, we are there for each other during the unforgettable moments of fun and comfort each other during the rough times. Phi Mu provides a supportive environment where your daughter can grow and learn. She will develop skills and reinforce values learned at home that will stay with her long after her college years. We help prepare each other for real life, including personal and professional success.  
There are many leadership opportunities within our chapter and in the Greek community. We offer many positions and committees so that everyone has an opportunity to be involved in the chapter. The friendships made and the knowledge acquired here will undoubtably be a large part of your daughter's future success. Phi Mu will greatly impact your daughter’s experience here at the Tulane University, leaving her with a broad array of life skills and many unforgettable memories.

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